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In rural communities, firefighters battle much more than blazes. It’s a fight against time and a race to respond to medical emergencies, execute evacuations, and provide much needed back-up to neighboring districts.

See how firefighters in rural areas are using FirstNet to eliminate obstacles and spur more success for all the hats they wear.

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Conquer the challenge of “more with less”

  • Cut through network congestion. We prioritize first responder devices and help you get the bandwidth you need for emergency communications. 

  • Mobilize mutual aid with dependable coverage and deployable SatCOLTs and drones, so you can help coordinate across counties, districts, and departments.

  • Heighten awareness and safety with highly reliable and secure service in buildings, remote terrain, emergency rigs, and drones. Track personnel, vitals and assets in real time to help save seconds and lives. 

FirstNet for firefighters and EMTs

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FirstNet — for fighting more than fires

Conquer the challenge of “more with less”

  • Power your team with prioritized service and mission-critical tools that augment individual abilities and enhance continuous collaboration.

  • Retain and attract team members with trusted communications capabilities and tools that make their jobs easier, safer, and more rewarding.

  • Make every dollar count with first responder-specific solutions that modernize operations, and scale up or down, easily, with minimal capital expenses and affordable plans. 

FirstNet for firefighters and EMTs

FirstNet serves as your force multiplier

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