United in Response and Communication

Towing and recovery companies are critical to the public safety mission. You deserve the same network and tools built for that mission.


FirstNet is there when you need it.

FirstNet is the only nationwide, high speed, broadband communications platform dedicated to public safety. Now it’s available to towing and recovery companies who are there side-by-side with first responders helping the community when they need it most.


You play a critical role.

Towing and recovery companies are critical to the public safety mission. You deserve the same network and tools built for that mission. If you have a contract with local first responder departments, you may be eligible* for FirstNet.

*Documentation and verification may be required.

Providing your towing and recovery team with the communication tools they need while helping the community when they need it most. Enhanced Push-to-Talk is a FirstNet Certified® application that is available for use with a robust selection of smartphones, tablets and push-to-talk centric certified devices for optimal experience.

“If we have another situation like Hurricane Harvey, and the public
cellular systems go down, we need reliable communication so we can
assist fire and police in clearing roads of vehicles, cleaning up debris
and moving trees. Our towing professionals need to be able to help first
responders during emergency situations, and FirstNet provides us with
communications and connectivity that we need as part of the
emergency response team.”

Justin Watson
Apollo Towing Corpus Christi, TX

The Power of FirstNet : When we say we're here for you every step of the way, we mean it. Here's why you should get started today:

Highly Reliable Network Coverage

FirstNet advantages extend beyond first responders to those who support them. FirstNet is the nation’s first wireless broadband ecosystem designed to help support towing and recovery companies that are critical to the public safety mission with highly secure connectivity during daily needs or any emergency.


Interoperability When You Need It Most

FirstNet provides interoperability between you and first responders when it is needed the most. As part of the emergency response team, towing professionals require communication and connectivity with first responders.

FirstNet provides a communications system that will work in all types of emergencies.


Preparation and Support

Whether it's during an emergency or daily operations, FirstNet is a valuable resource with a variety of applications and tools to help towing and recovery companies that support first responders.


Government Accountability

FirstNet is the nationwide public safety broadband network, services and solutions that are dedicated to first responders and those who support them. FirstNet is a government-contracted network that is held accountable to high standards of service including coverage buildout and network reliability.

You can feel confident knowing the FirstNet network is trusted by private and government emergency personnel across the country.


Devices and Rates

FirstNet's catalog of LTE devices is ever expanding to offer innovative accessories with advanced public safety functions at competitive prices that are at or below existing standard commercial pricing.

Our customers can also use FirstNet with dedicated floor devices or other devices of their choosing.

For more information:

FirstNet Rate Plans

FirstNet Devices & Accessories



FirstNet helps you maintain the security of your critical infrastructure and patient data. We employ a multi-layered defense including geographical redundancy and 24x7x365 monitoring by a dedicated U.S.-based Security Operations Center.


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