FirstNet Local Control becoming FirstNet Central

FirstNet Local Control is changing its name to FirstNet Central beginning on April 20, 2020. As we transition, FirstNet users will see the new name appear on the main page of the portal – and later in support documentation and email communications.

What does this mean for you?

The FirstNet Central portal will still be accessible via the previous URL:, as well as the new URL: We will continue to improve FirstNet Central features and performance. And FirstNet users will receive updates as these enhancements become available.

FirstNet Central

FirstNet provides public safety agencies with control over and visibility into the FirstNet network operational status and site conditions. FirstNet Central is a key feature of the FirstNet solution, providing a powerful capability to optimize the user experience through a single convenient home page location. It provides public safety agencies the ability to manage user accounts and devices, manage user priority levels (and adjust them if needed during a time of catastrophic emergency, monitor the network status in near real-time, and manage Push-to-Talk users.

Through the agency’s Public Safety Home Page, FirstNet customers have access to several online self-service FirstNet Central functions:

  • Network Status: Get an unprecedented level of insight into the broadband network status. Access maps of local coverage and site conditions, overlaid with external data.

  • User and Group Management:  Manage users and groups. Using the federated ICAM tool, setup new users for the Public Safety Home Page, create groups, add group members, assign user roles and capabilities.

  • Services and Billing Management: Manage services/billing and devices. Through a single portal, agency administrators can activate new devices and lines of service, set permanent role-based priority levels, change rate plans and add or delete new services, deactivate services or manage SIM swaps, and more. Public safety agencies can view wireless reports such as device inventory, upgrade eligibility, and rate plan summaries.

  • Application Management: Take total control over your applications. Administrators can push applications to mobile devices, recommend applications for download, and block applications.

  • Push-to-Talk Management: Take total control over your broadband PTT environment. Administrators can manage PTT talk groups/channels, create groups and manage contacts/address books, view maps with PTT user locations, set PTT priority levels, manage interoperability settings, and more.

Identity, Credential, and Access Management (ICAM)

The FirstNet solution will provide a highly secure federated ICAM solution that enables convenient single sign on access to FirstNet websites, management portals and mobile applications. The state-of-the-art ICAM solution supports federal, state, and local ICAM users.