Customer Care

Customer care and support starts with first-hand knowledge of public safety. This culture of responsiveness is embedded into the specially trained care teams who are dedicated to FirstNet and are spread across four different U.S. time zones to enable 24x7 x365 support for FirstNet customers. Delivering a superior customer experience to public safety will be a constant focus.

The customer service center will provide:

  • Dedicated FirstNet toll-free number, chat, and offline ticketing
  • Public safety centered experience
  • Technical support for end users, telecommunications managers, and developers
  • Custom support options, allowing authorized users to make purchases and define access privilege by caller type, device, and service

Frontline FirstNet customer service representatives will fulfill requests for service, including inquiries on:

  • Provisioning (e.g., new service, upgrades, accessories, rate plans, features, applications, etc.)
  • Billing (e.g., inquiries, disputes, payments, etc.)
  • Account maintenance (i.e., move, add, change, and delete requests)
  • Technical support (e.g., network, operating system, devices installation, device configuration, applications, platforms, etc.)

FirstNet’s 24x7x365 support model is to accommodate the 24-hour mission of public safety. In addition to receiving specialized training, many of the customer care representatives have first-hand experience with public safety – often as a current volunteer or as a previous member of a public safety organization. They know the importance of the mission and are ready to quickly address questions and resolve issues.


Highly trained people are critical to an organization’s mission success. FirstNet training and operational support, including customer care, program management, engineering, networking, security, disaster recovery, and contracting are offered by experienced, dedicated account teams of highly skilled cross-functional members.

FirstNet trainers speak the language of public safety, especially since many of the employees also serve as volunteers across various public safety organizations. FirstNet customer training is accomplished through a mix of on-demand, online self-service options and skilled, leader-led training when and where needed.

This graphic depicts the Training and Operational Support for FirstNet users. Training and support is on demand, and available in-person and online.