FirstNet powers Archer First Response Systems’ drone delivery for emergencies

Archer First Response Systems, now part of the FirstNet Embedded Program, supports medical emergency personnel by transporting critical payload options and other lifesaving supplies.


Drone delivery, powered by FirstNet

The next generation of first response

Advancing how first responders and emergency medical services deploy, Archer Unmanned Air Systems (Archer UAS) introduces Archer First Response Systems (AFRS). AFRS provides an emergency medical supply delivery system that delivers emergency medical payloads within a 35-square-mile coverage area in under 5 minutes.

EMS and fire agencies can use AFRS to deliver lifesaving medical devices like AEDs, NARCAN® and tourniquets for emergency response.

Responding faster to emergencies

Every minute counts in a medical emergency

Cardiac arrests

365,000 people suffer cardiac arrests each year in the U.S. and 60-80% of them die before reaching the hospital

Incidents and deaths

112,000 people in the United States died from opioid-related incidents in 2023


Trauma remains a leading cause of death in the United States

All of the information above has been provided by ArcherFRS. AT&T has not made any effort to independently verify such information.

Embedded solutions

ArcherFRS: A powerful force multiplier 

ArcherFRS: A powerful force multiplier 

Seamlessly integrated with both RapidSOS Portal and RapidDeploy Radius, ArcherFRS requires no additional integrations for agencies already using these platforms.

It's a fully managed service with a simple lease, service, maintenance and operating contract, for smooth integration into daily dispatch operations and eliminating the need for additional personnel.

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