Creating your FirstNet profile gives you access to so much more

February 15, 2021

by AT&T

Setting up your FirstNet® device is easy – juice it up, put in your FirstNet SIM, and start your shift. But, you may not realize you and your agency administrator should also create a FirstNet Profile for every new user. This profile, and associated FirstNet credentials, are what gives you access to the many special features that come with your FirstNet service.

What exclusive things can you access with your FirstNet account?

The FirstNet App Catalog is your library of pre-evaluated mobile applications. We’ve made sure that each is relevant, highly-secure and reliable.       

The FirstNet Central suite of online resources gives agencies visibility into network performance and access to account and user information. It also allows you to designate the devices that should receive uplifted priority access to FirstNet and lets you create groups for your mission critical push-to-talk service.

The FirstNet Assist App supports on-scene uplift requests, easy connection to dedicated FirstNet care with device-specific diagnostics and self-help.

The FirstNet Single Sign-on App provides field users with easy and secure access to multiple SSO-enabled apps and online tools with just one sign-on.

The FirstNet Cybersecurity Aware App uses the FirstNet platform to deliver regularly updated education about how public safety professionals can safeguard enterprise systems and sensitive data and combat bad cyber actors.

And the list of your special FirstNet features is always growing so request your FirstNet credentials now.

You may be able to get dependable, always-on access to voice, data, and video without your FirstNet profile. But you deserve all the FirstNet features that help you help your community. So set up your FirstNet user profile now.