FirstNet Cybersecurity Aware

Hackers target public safety agencies so become cyber savvy

Learn how to protect yourself and your agency

Become cyber aware with well-produced animation, videos, and other media that demonstrate how to:

• Recognize phishing emails, malicious links and other scams
• Develop security awareness techniques and strategies
• Deliver agency training with step-by-step lesson plans
• Find materials in a robust library of cybersecurity resources


Tailored training guides

In-depth lesson plans guide you step-by-step in training your team to become cyber savvy. Each lesson plan includes resources from the app library and cover topics such as:

  • Social engineering
  • Avoiding malware
  • Phishing, vishing and smishing
  • And much more


In-depth cybersecurity training videos customized for FirstNet users and delivered by security analysts to help teach first responders security lessons such as:

  • Why public safety agencies are a target
  • How to identify a phishing email
  • How to avoid malware
  • And much more


Motion comic-style cybersecurity awareness videos depicting cybercrime scenarios in public safety situations.  FirstNet users will learn how to spot hacker tricks and what to do if a cyber breach hits home. Episodes deal with themes such as:

  • Ransomware attacks
  • Social medial and its role in cybersecurity
  • Keeping IoT devices safe from hackers
  • And much more.


Cybersecurity for kids and the community

Animated cybersecurity awareness videos. FirstNet users can share with their families and community to hep teach lessons such as:

  • Know who your online friends are
  • When not to ‘click’
  • How hackers can fool you
  • And much more


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