Tomorrow’s leading public safety apps start here

The FirstNet solution includes an application development platform that encourages developers to explore and embrace FirstNet. The FirstNet Applications Developer Program is an incubator to foster interoperability and increase the quality and usability of public safety applications.

The FirstNet Applications Developer Program focuses on areas such as interoperability and highly secure communications, as well as innovative capabilities like streaming surveillance video, priority service, and mission critical service delivery for mobile applications. The Applications Developer Portal is a gateway into all resources required to successfully build, deploy, and maintain FirstNet applications.

The FirstNet Applications Developer Program will include an active calendar of hack-a-thons and workshops focused on developing applications that support the mission-critical needs of first responders and the public safety community. Members of the first responder community will be invited to facilitate direct interaction between users and developers of new public safety applications in a collaborative atmosphere.

The FirstNet Developer program will be open to the public safety and general developer community. Join us in September 2017.

Contact a FirstNet Specialist to learn more about the FirstNet Applications Developer Program.