Uniden UV350

Model #: UV350

  • AT&T Enhanced Push-To-Talk capable
  • Robust Connectivity: 4G/LTE in-vehicle Android Smart Phone with band 14 combined with external cellular and GPS antennas increases your cellular coverage in trouble zones
  • Loud & Clear: External 20 watt speaker and noise canceling microphone so you can enjoy crystal clear phone and push-to-talk calls in the harshest environments
  • Know on the Go: Supports FirstNet certified apps including fleet management, dispatch, GPS mapping and even your own custom solutions
  • User Friendly: Extra-large screen and one touch programmable quick access buttons keeps drivers safe and focused on the road
  • Secure and Reliable: The permanent in-vehicle mounted installation makes the device impossible to lose, never needs to be charged, work in extreme temperatures, and you only need 1 phone number to reach the vehicle
  • Versatile: All the benefits from the constant power supply and strong cellular signal gives you an exceptional high speed in-vehicle Wi-Fi® hotspot to provide signal for any other cellular device