Cell Booster Pro (FAQ)

AT&T Cell Booster Pro is a device that acts as a miniature cell tower, and enables you to improve the quality of your organization’s indoor wireless service. If you have indoor wireless coverage that’s less than full strength, you can install a Cell Booster Pro device to help boost coverage.

If your agency is located in an area where AT&T provides cellular service, your indoor signal strength is two bars or less, and you are able to comply with all of the transport requirements outlined in the AT&T Cell Booster Pro User - Technical Requirements Guide, AT&T Cell Booster Pro may be the perfect solution for you. An AT&T Cell Booster Pro is designed for up to 64 simultaneous sessions and provides in-building coverage of up to 15,000 square feet per device, depending on building layout and construction. Up to 3 Cell Booster Pros can be used at a street address, bringing the total space to 45,000 square feet for up to 192 simultaneous sessions. An AT&T Cell Booster Pro may not be used as an RF source for a DAS.

The required bandwidth depends on the number of simultaneous users you want support and whether data-intensive applications will be used. The minimum required bandwidth recommended:

Cell Booster (Coming Soon):

  • Broadband minimum downlink bandwidth - 5Mbps
  • Broadband minimum uplink bandwidth - 1Mbps

1 Cell Booster Pro:

  • Broadband minimum downlink bandwidth - 25Mbps
  • Broadband minimum uplink bandwidth - 5Mbps

2 Cell Booster Pros:

  • Broadband minimum downlink bandwidth - 30Mbps
  • Broadband minimum uplink bandwidth - 7Mbps

3 Cell Booster Pros

  • Broadband minimum downlink bandwidth - 35Mbps
  • Broadband Minimum uplink bandwidth - 9Mbps

Each AT&T Cell Booster Pro must have the GPS antenna attached so the device can lock location as required to support e911 emergency support teams.

The AT&T Cell Booster Pro creates a highly secure tunnel over an Internet connection back to the AT&T Core Network. You must comply with all the settings listed in the AT&T Cell Booster User – Technical Guide document for your device to activate and work properly.

To activate your AT&T Cell BoosterSM:

  1. Download the AT&T Cell Booster app from your app store or go to Or scan the QR Code on your Cell Booster.

  2. Follow the steps to register and set up your Cell Booster.

Your wireless usage counts against the data allowance in your monthly wireless plan.

AT&T Cell Booster supports up to eight sessions at the same time. AT&T Cell Booster ProSM supports up to 64 sessions.

No. Whenever you can, use Wi-Fi® for streaming video, downloading files, or surfing the web. It’s the best option for mobile data use. Plus, using Wi-Fi doesn't count against your monthly wireless data allowance. Standard data rates apply when you use 4G LTE data services through your AT&T Cell Booster or AT&T Cell Booster Pro instead of Wi-Fi.

Yes, tablets will work on AT&T Cell Booster and Cell Booster Pro. Wi-Fi is the best choice for accessing the internet using non-traditional wireless devices, but they’ll also work on your Cell Booster.

Try these tips:

  1. Check your device’s status in the mobile app or on the web in Device details.

  2. Connect the GPS antenna to your Cell Booster and stick the GPS antenna on a window.

  3. Restart your Cell Booster and make sure the device lights are solid white.

  4. Disconnect your Cell Booster through the app or web and try online registration again.

Get tips to fix or reset your Cell Booster.

Yes, as long as it’s in an area where FirstNet is available.

Check Cell Booster service in your area.

Make sure you select FirstNet for your agency use to enable Band 14. If you choose AT&T by mistake, you should disconnect and reactivate your Cell Booster Pro, then select FirstNet.

If you’re having trouble with your AT&T Cell Booster or Cell Booster Pro, call us at 800.574.7000.