Customer support

FirstNet understands and supports the needs of FirstNet's public safety customers.

FirstNet customer support centers provide a specialized and differentiated customer experience for FirstNet subscribers. All customers are automatically enrolled at no additional cost. The team supports ALL subscribers with ALL FirstNet inquiries; including billing, ordering, and technical support.

FirstNet customer support provide public safety agencies with tenured, trained and dedicated teams that are 100% U.S. based.  FirstNet support provides the following:

  • Dedicated FirstNet customer support toll free number 1.800.574.7000
  • Outside the U.S. 1.469.675.7700 (no charge)
  • Emergency prompting and routing available during a crisis situation
  • Technical, billing, and ordering support for all user types
  • 24x7x365 technical support
  • Chat functionality embedded within the FirstNet online portal experience
  • Online ticketing option (when enabled) for submitting support requests via web form
  • Hours of operation: 

Technical support
Available 24/7/365

Billing and ordering
M-F, 8 AM to 8:30 PM ET
Sat, 10AM to 9PM ET
Sun, 11AM to 8PM ET

800.574.7000 is a voice automated solution leveraging natural language. When calling, simply state what you are calling about when asked, “How can I help you?”

Customers can also reach customer support by dialing 611 from their FirstNet phone; if you are not calling from a FirstNet phone, simply say “FirstNet”.

The customer service teams understand the importance of the public safety mission and are ready to quickly address questions and help resolve issues.


Training for FirstNet customers is available through a mix of on-demand, online, self-service options, and skilled leader-led training when and where it is needed.

AT&T Account and Service teams will proactively engage FirstNet users and public safety agency administrators for a thorough understanding of FirstNet processes, solutions, and resources. A summary package of available training will be made available on the Public Safety Home Page and included in customer welcome materials.

The type of training used should be based on the solutions adopted by the customer and focused on the specific needs of the public safety agency and/or their personnel. FirstNet will distribute training information updates to agencies as products and solutions evolve. Agencies can access these updates and training materials at any time, and FirstNet will work with agencies to customize training services for them as needed.

FirstNet users will have a variety of training opportunities, which include resources that enable education and awareness, service implementation, and process and solution training.


FirstNet user training

FirstNet users have a variety of training opportunities, which include resources that enable education and awareness, service implementation, and process and solution training.  Upon activation, FirstNet administrators will receive a welcome letter summarizing available training.  Training is available through a mix of online self-service options and leader-led training that can be accessed or planned around your schedule.

If needed, FirstNet administrators can work with their FirstNet Specialist to request custom training specific to their needs.

Training resource opportunities:  

  • Getting started with FirstNet
  • My step-by-step guides
  • Applications and FirstNet solutions
  • Instructor led online courses
    • Learn more about FirstNet Central
    • Using the Uplift Request Tool
    • Getting started
    • Customizing the shopping experience
    • Reporting A – Z
    • Managing wireless users
    • Exploring billing