FirstNet in action

You can count on FirstNet in ordinary – and extraordinary times

“When the chips are down, FirstNet is going to be there to support me, my providers, my caregivers, my leadership.”

~ Jeffrey Marani - Director, Field Technologies, Global Medical Response

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FirstNet: Supporting public safety

FirstNet® is the nationwide, communications platform built with and for America’s first responders and public safety community. Learn more


Learn how FirstNet showed up with Global Medical Response (GMR)

GMR uses FN connectivity in a variety of ways.  And when disaster hit and the chips were down, FirstNet was there.

Natural disaster debris

Learn how FirstNet can help you and your organization stay connected on ordinary and extraordinary days.

A network you can count on

  • Priority access

    Get always-on priority access to voice, data and text. This means you will have priority over commercial traffic on the network.
  • Sensitive data is protected

    A dedicated Security Operations Center monitors the network 24x7 for physical and cyber threats and the physically-separate FirstNet core has available end-to-end encryption.
  • Temporary service solutions for expanded coverage when disaster strikes

    100+ Cell on Wheels (COWs) and heavy-duty Satellite Cell on Light Trucks (SatCOLTs) can keep you connected while you support first responders and restore power grids/water supplies.
  • LMR to LTE interoperability

    Your FirstNet PTT users can communicate seamlessly with users on your LMR network. This will help improve productivity, free up LMR capacity and extend your operational reach at a lower cost.

Public safety agencies subscribing to FirstNet have access to a dedicated, nationwide fleet of:

  • 150+ deployable network assets

    Public safety agencies have access to a nationwide, dedicated fleet of over 150+ land-based and airborne portable cell sites. They don't rely on commercial power and connect to FirstNet via satellite.  These include:
  • Communications Vehicles (CVs)​

    In addition to providing connectivity via LTE and/or Wi-Fi, CVs provide an air-conditioned command space for 2 first responder personnel, multiple monitors, charging stations, a large exterior screen and speakers for briefings and so much more. ​
  • Flying COWs 

    The 3 Flying COWs™ are able to reach heights of up to 400 feet, making them ideal for situations like wildfires and mountain rescue missions where the terrain may have previously made it difficult to maintain connectivity.

All at no additional charge. Public safety agencies on FirstNet can request the equipment for added support during disasters. The deployable network assets are designed to keep FirstNet subscribers connected to the information they need, no matter where their mission takes them – allowing first responders to make rescues, communicate and coordinate their emergency response, or aid in recovery, even in the hardest hit areas or most remote parts of the country.

Tools to help

Close-up image of a FirstNet network connectivity drone resting on a blue landing pad.

Coverage enhancements

Available for FirstNet users when disaster strikes or for a planned high-visibility public event, FirstNet has a fleet of deployable assets to keep you connected.

Close-up of ROG the Dog (full-sized white poodle breed), with black  Therapy Dog vest/harness, staring to the left.

ROG the Dog, the FirstNet therapy dog

Animal-assisted therapy for first responders:

  • Has a positive impact on mental and physical health
  • Improves coping and recovery from critical events
  • Enhances morale in departments
  • Decreases emotional distress and anxiety
  • Reduces the negative impacts from Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS)

FirstNet fleet of dedicated deployable network assets expands to aid public safety’s emergency response

150+ portable assets – including new communications vehicles and micro SatCOLTs – support first responders during 2021 wildfire and hurricane seasons.

Tools you need to get the job done

Selecting the right tools, at the right time. Whether you're interested in FirstNet for yourself or for your organization, we'll develop a solution that meets your unique needs.

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