AccessMyLAN for FirstNet

Mobile visibility and control for first responders

Across cellular and Wi-Fi networks

AccessMyLAN for FirstNet® (AML) provides first responders with a safer Internet experience on all SIM-enabled devices such as smartphones, tablets, mobile hotspots and cellular routers.

Designed for any size agency

IT administrators at first responder and support organizations, both large and small, use AML to manage mobile security, productivity and compliance for first responder devices across their agency.




    Digital governance with content and categorization control as well as threat mitigation and prevention.


    Network based security controls with insights into content requests per device.


    Private APN with static IP address per device, VPN for highly secure data transfers.


    Device and operating system agnostic, with better secure data on cellular devices and devices tethered over Wi-Fi hotspots.

"AccessMyLAN is highly beneficial to our law enforcement officers as it has streamlined how we communicate securely and effectively during both routine and emergency incident response situations."

Lin Mock
Deputy Sheriff & IT Administrator
Wagoner County Sheriff's Office

Wagoner County Sheriff's Office

Building on the advances of FirstNet, the Wagoner County Sheriff’s office modernized its IT systems to meet the community’s need for faster and improved response service.

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